Meet our Facilitators

Gabriel Shachar

International Embodiment Facilitator & Coach

Hi, my name is Gabriel.

As an international embodiment facilitator & coach, I guide people to connect with their bodies, open their hearts, and have better relationships with themselves and others.

My biggest passion and calling in life is to help men connect to their bodies, feel more and heal their masculine wounds through softness, compassion and supportive challenges. My personal struggles have inspired me to create a safe and nurturing space for others to heal and grow, and I have spent years healing my own wounds, a process which is always ongoing.

Part of SHIVA men’s community team, organizing and facilitating mens workshops & retreats..

Trainings & Certificates

I have trained extensively with world renowned embodiment facilitator Shachar Caspi. With over 400 hours over 2 years as well as assisting with the facilitator course.

I am Trauma Informed certified by the ”Union” institute for trauma awareness (50+ hour). gaining knowledge and practical skills to support trauma that may arise,, giving tools for resourcing and grounding and creating a safer space.

Other trainings include: Somatic parts work, Non violent communication (nvc), Psychedelic space holding and more.

Nir Hermelin

Intimacy Facilitator & Mindful Business Coach

Hey, I’m Nir (‘near’), and I’m here to “enhance the human experience”.

I help people to understand their mental patterns, to feel fully with their heart, and to connect with their body sensations, and what these sensations might mean.
My personal challenges, battles and patterns in life brought me to the world of Tantra: which to me, is one of the most powerful ways to deepen my relationship with myself, with others, and face the world at large.

I am a co-founder of www.Lua.Earth, a dating app for people who believe in personal growth and introspection. It allows you to stop, observe yourself, and to truly be seen.

Experience & Certifications:

I am Trauma Informed certified by the ”Union” Institute for trauma awareness (50+ hour). Theoretical and practical skills to support nervous system regulation: grounding tools and resources to create a space of safety and curiosity.

I have been holding space in retreats, workshops and sound-journeys for over 6 years, with over 350 hours experience in assisting in various tantra, intimacy & shadow-work retreats including: Progressive Shadow Work (Koh Phangan), Genesis (Israel), Tantra from the heart (Koh Phangan).

I have focused my learning on: Jungian Shadow-work, Nervous System regulation, Non-Violent-Communication, neo-Tantra,

As an ex-Fortune500 consultant, I have endless experience in holding workshops & group sessions in the corporate sector. With this, I continue to use Mind-Body focus in my leadership, life & business coaching practise


Meet our Assistants

Feña Pinochet Reymond 

Hi, I’m Feña.

I started my personal development journey 10 years ago with training on female sexuality and the understanding of the feminine cycles.

That took me deeper and deeper every year into trainings in Tantra and Conscious Kink. I discovered the importance of open communication and emotional intelligence, to have better relationships and deeper intimacy with others and oneself.

One day, I understood that everything I always do and learn, is connected to deepening communication with the body and the emotional experience…  whatever name the technique had. Always coming back to the body experience.

I fell in love with how much healing and joy we are able to access with that simple wisdom. Not just a professional aspect, but a personal one- it’s my commitment to find ways to share the endless potential of this work in all possible ways.

Kate Wave

Hi, I’m Kate.

I’m a musician, Kirtan leader, spaceholder, teacher and manager of The Jade Temple women’s center. My path of healing and transformation has led me through the deep study of yoga, Thai Massage, shamanism, Feminine Embodiment work, and devotional music.

I started leading kirtans and medicine song circles in 2018. Song circles unite my love for making music with the deep desire for authentic communal experiences. I am passionate about creating spaces for people to gather together, open their hearts and tap into the magic & healing power within.


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